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Hi, I am Anastacia

My journey in Yoga began more than 15 years ago, and I've attended my first teacher training in Bali in 2016, and since then I have been teaching in Dubai. I have specialized throughout the last couple of years in Yoga for Trauma and Anxiety.


My fields of interest include , Functional Movement, Somatic Approach (Feldenkrais Method), Intelligent Sequencing with Julie Martin (Brahmani Yoga), Teachers Self Study Pathway (Brahmani Yoga), Embodiment. All these fields combined led me to create Embodied Yoga, a way to empower students to explore this ongoing journey, that is our self-discovery, with curiosity and kindness.

I like to encourage you to embody your practice, to recognize the story of your own body, your sensations, your range of motion, and honoring your full human dimension. I also incorporate breath work, meditation, and music in my classes, as a way of diving deep into this journey.

I am currently based in Dubai.

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Mindful Yoga

Breathwork & Meditation

Yin Yoga & Restorative

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Yin Yoga

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"There is something deeply within us, a movement, a rhythm, an energy that through lack of acknowledgment and habitual condition lies dormant. The awakening is initially physiological but then spreads into other areas of our experience" John Stirk 
Kind Words

“Anastacia’s classes are slow and deep, yet you can feel the vibrant energy she creates in the studio. She goes through a thorough warm-up sequence which helps the body open up and be ready for the following asanas. Typically she also focuses a lot on core strength which gives you that work out that it is always a nice bonus. She is gentle-mannered and very delicate when it comes to adjusting a pose. She finishes off with some breathing and meditation at the end of the class, to consolidate the sense of wellbeing created, whilst moving in the flow. I really enjoy attending Anastacia’s classes and would recommend to anyone, but with a special recommendation for beginners, because of her clear explanations and her gentle encouraging approach through the practice”



“The classes I did with Anastacia were some of the first I had done and what a great intro to Yoga it was. Very clear instructions and variety of poses kept me coming back. I especially enjoy the outdoor sessions. I highly recommend Anastacia for all levels of Yoga”


"Anastacia is a pleasant, attentive, and professional young lady. The class always has a relaxing atmosphere. Focusing on my problem areas (I have constant pain in my spine after having a baby).

I always felt energized and relieved after the class, ready for my everyday routine.

Muscles are in tone, breath becomes deeper, even mood is getting better. Yoga is life and Anastacia became a key to it. Thank you so much for your classes and I wish you all the best."


"Anastacia is an amazing yoga instructor. She is very calm but encouraging during the lessons. She is also great at offering options for the different levels you may be at. Love her and highly recommend."


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