The transformation that yoga brings makes you more yourself, Joel Kramer

My Yoga Journey

2006 - Emotional Intelligence Training

2016 - Vinyasa/ Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours, Bali

2016 - Anatomy Workshop with Stu Girling, Dubai

2017 - Anatomy Training with Laurel Beversdorf, Dubai

2018 - Somatic Movement Workshop with Tara Eden, Somatic Movement Project, Dubai

2018 - Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 85 hours, Zen-Yoga, Dubai

2019 - Intelligent Sequencing and Innovative Movement Training, with Julie Martin, Dubai

2020 - Teaching Private Yoga Classes - Ekhart Yoga

2020 - June 2022 - Three year Online Self-Pathway Training, with Julie Martin - self-study program for yoga teachers takes teachers to the next level of our journey. Includes learning how to teach an embodied and somatic practice that is accessible to all.

Bringing anatomy and new movement principles to liberate me and my students from the old dogmas. New language skills and movement anatomy. How to work for different groups of ability. How to teach pranayama and make sense of yoga philosophy.

2022 - Fascia Anatomy Series - Fascia & Yoga, Gary Carter, Natural Bodies. 

2022 - Life Coaching, Lumia (ongoing) 

I am very interested in human movement, the power of the mind, and Yoga as an evolutionary practice. 

I follow the work and I've been learning with Julie Martin (Embodied Yoga), Ganga White, Eric Shiffman, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gary Carter, John Stirk, Paul Grilley, Brené Brown, DR. Joe Dispenza, amongst others.