Embodied Yoga

A mindful practice

An embodied and somatic approach of practicing Yoga.

Our body has its inner intelligence. This is a gentle flow practice, where we learn to express ourselves through the body. 

I dropped the alignment cues, in the most traditional ways of teaching Yoga, since I find it more useful in a flow practice, to understand what is our range of motion, finding our stability, mobility and the breath. 


Bearing in mind that just because we move more slowly doesn't mean its an easy practice. 

Quantity is not quality. 

Like in martial arts, moving slowly, awakens our brain and body to our support mechanisms, so that we understand and honor what is useful (or not) for us to move around the mat (on and off the mat).

When we understand our support mechanisms to move freely, we trust our bodies more, we feel a sense of aliveness and presence. 

In my classes, I like to incorporate music, functional movement, with influences from Julie Martin (Brahmani Yoga), Vanda Scaravelli, John Stirk, Ido Portal.

A practice of curiosity. 


Mindful Morning Yoga - Prana House (Motor City, Dubai)

Mondays, Wednesdays

08:45am - 09:45am

Saturdays 10:30am

Slow Flow 

Nilaya House (Al Quoz, Dubai)


7:45pm - 9:00pm

For registrations please contact Nilaya House directly https://nilayahouse.com​

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